Beau Bye

Beau Bye “Beau” (ABCA#44249 / AKC#DN47811003)

Owned by: Connie Fisher – Contact Connie at

Beau is a rough coated, black and white, male border collie with traditional Irish Spotting (white blaze, collar and tail tip) who is super smart and athletic. His famous “trait” that everyone absolutely loves the minute they meet Beau is his funny “smile” greeting. Beau is one of our fastest learners and has a keen natural herding “eye” with a medium to high drive. Very biddable and has produced some awesome offspring that have gone many directions. Beau is also CLEAR on all of the panel of BC DNA tested diseases.

Beau comes out of the famous Sagebrush BC lines noted for their good hips and variety of colors. His mother is a brown/white and father a dark silver/white tri-colored Border Collie. Beau carries the brown, tri-color and dilute genes from his parents, making it possible to produce a variety of colored Border Collies.

Beau is about 23 inches tall (at the shoulders) and weighs approximately 40-45 lbs.

Pedigree Database link:

Dual Registered: AKC and ABCA

CEA/CH – Paw Print Genetics – NORMAL/CLEAR*

TNS – Paw Print Genetics – NORMAL/CLEAR*

NCL5 Paw Print Genetics – NORMAL/CLEAR*

DM – Paw Print Genetics – NORMAL/CLEAR*

I-GS – Paw Print Genetics – NORMAL/CLEAR*

SN – Paw Print Genetics – NORMAL/CLEAR*

MDR1 – Paw Print Genetics – NORMAL/CLEAR*

*Significance for breeding: This dog can be bred to any mate and will produce no pups affected with CEA/CH, NCL5, TNS, MDR1, DM, SN or I-GS.

*MDR1 : These dogs do NOT carry the mutation, and will not pass on the mutation to their offspring. These dogs would not be expected to experience unexpected adverse drug reactions to normal doses of Ivermectin, Loperamide (Imodium®), and some anticancer drugs.

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